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Flag Flying Demographics

flag-flying-survey.jpgAccording to a Pew Research study, the profile of an American flag waver is as follows: A senior, white, Republican-voting male, living in the northeast who didn’t graduate college. Do you fit into that demographic?

How about the least likely to fly the flag? A twenty-something, Democratic-voting female, high school dropout, living in the west.

In fairness, it’s a little more complicated than that, but if you look at the statistics from the study, you get an interesting picture. The spread in statistics is about 20% in most categories, with the widest gap between white and African American at 26%.

With all the flags flying in Texas, I am surprised about the 11% gap from the Northeast to the South, but the Midwest and West numbers aren’t surprising.

The biggest surprise is the fall in Americans that agree they are patriotic. After 9/11 the numbers saw all-time highs, but those in agreement with that statement have slipped below fifty percent today.

While patriotic sentiment has remained at a very high level for a very long time, strong expressions of patriotism have fluctuated in frequency somewhat. The percentage completely agreeing with the statement “I am patriotic” fell from 56% in August 2003 – which was close to an all-time high – to 49% this year. In November 1991, 58% said they completely agreed with the statement.


What about you? How do you fit into these demographics? Do you break the mold, or fit it nicely?

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