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Oh Look—There’s a Playground … and the living is easy!

Seguin PlaygroundIt has now been three days since the wife and I were in Seguin, Texas with our granddaughter. I treasure the time I spent with her and look forward to future occasions with her, but I learned some things on this outing that need remembering.

My plan worked flawlessly on Thursday. We retrieved the child from her family home early in the afternoon, drove a short distance and then we settled into a beautiful vacation home on the banks of the Guadalupe River. I was looking forward to a long weekend of fun and exploration.

The Granddaughter is a dynamo, and Deborah thinks the child uses Cold-Fusion to convert Barbie cereal and fruit roll-ups to mega-watts of raw energy. My plan was to spend hours in the park with her, and lots of sight-seeing, which I believed would allow for the highest burn-off rate of energy. But it was raining.

No Plan B!

Seguin Playground 2However, there was a well-stocked playroom in the house, and that worked for the first day. Bedtime came and went without major hurdles, and Thursday was history. This job is easy!

Friday we woke to rain. When the sun peeked out around noon, we quickly headed for the park. Run Run Run … Yes! Play and swing higher! Look at the maze of playground equipment. You want to swing from the overhead bars? OK! As much as you want, sweet child. Oh sunshine is invaluable to a four-year-old.

Friday worked out ok. This job is easy!

Saturday was filled with sight-seeing, and going back to the park in the afternoon.

But is started raining again.

Saturday was a long day, and it took a long shower, and lots of bedtime stories, but all-in-all, not too hard.

Waking to the sound of rain on Sunday morning wasn’t the biggest surprise of the day, but it was getting old in a hurry. The blur that was Sunday has been erased from my memory, but the one thing I remember was the hours it took to pull off bedtime. Not so good. Not so easy, and we were all unhappy.

Oh Glorious Ring!

Seguin Playground 3The telephone. It is the child’s dear Mama, who assures us that she and the Father will be there before noon, and they were.

I believe the biggest lesson we learned was about neutral ground. A home-court advantage would have been helpful in taking care of the Granddaughter, either at our house or her house, but for this occasion that just wasn’t possible. New surroundings left us a bit out of step, and not knowing quite where to draw the boundaries.
The other lesson I learned was how valuable a park and playground is to a four-year-old. This is the place for them to swing and slide, stretch and jump, as they master the various challenges presented by the equipment. Oh the park is a grandparent’s best friend.

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