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“Go ask Pop” or “Fun on the Guadalupe”

on-the-banks-of-the-guadalupe.JPGIn previous postings, Larry wrote about our five-day stay in the beautiful city of Seguin, Texas. Did he mention how beautiful the setting was? The Guadalupe River winds up and down through the city providing a lovely view no matter where you stand.

To fully appreciate OUR appreciation of the river and city, you need to know that Larry and I are transplants from the Texas panhandle—the square part of the state on the high, windy plains. There are rivers in the panhandle, but there’s only a trickle of water flowing them them. Certainly nothing like the Guadalupe.

We spent the five days in the company of our granddaughter, which was a joyous, educational and exhausting experience. Joyous because it was the first time she was in our care (without her parents), educational because I learned about lot about the care and feeding of children that I didn’t learn 35 years ago, and exhausting—because she’s a four-year-old!

One thing I learned is so remarkable that I have to share it with you. It is the secret to boundless energy. If you want to go-go-go all day, here’s a food plan to try. Let’s call it the “E” Diet.

Barbie Fairytopia Cereal

Barbie Fairytopia Cereal by Kellogg

Eat a bowl of Barbie Fairytopia cereal for breakfast with milk, and a fruit roll-up (grape) for a chaser. Mid-morning snack: yogurt balls and grape juice.

You can have anything you want for lunch, but eat only half of it. Raisins, cookies, little cheese crackers or any combination for an early-afternoon snack. After your nap, you can have a strawberry yogurt smoothie and a handful of green grapes.

For supper, eat half of what you are served. Have some carrot sticks too, Bedtime snack is half of a peanut butter and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread plus a small glass of milk.

Bananas are the wild card; you can eat one at any time. For variety, some mornings for breakfast you can have synonym rolls instead of cereal.

You will have amazing energy, I promise.

Other notes: As any engineer will confirm, a sphere is an extremely strong and durable shape. I have concluded that there is a connection between strength and round food. Cross-reference grapes, yogurt balls, and Cheetos for further study.

As for exercise, here are some tips. Being still is for being asleep. Otherwise, don’t stop moving. Why walk when you can run? Why stand when you can jump, swing, hop, spin, leap, dance, or bounce. Turn everything you do into play. And sing whenever possible, even prayer.

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