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Fireworks and The 4th of July

Fireworks and The 4th of July are quickly becoming another battleground between government and citizens’ rights. Fireworks are forever linked to celebrating the 4th of July, but some government officials want to outlaw the sale and eventually the right of citizens to own and light fireworks.

I wonder, if we can teach our kids safe-sex in school, funded by the taxpayer, why can’t we teach our kids safe-fireworks? It seems such a simple solution since it’s obvious we can’t stop them from experimenting with fire crackers and sky rockets.

Fireworks sales likely to blast off | – Houston Chronicle
“Every time we gain a little that’s gaining a lot in my opinion,” said Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack, who said he’s sought greater county control of fireworks for 18 years. “One of these days we want to see Harris County have the ability to outlaw the sale of fireworks, except for professional displays.”

This article in the Houston Chronicle shows how the thinking is moving on this issue. I think that banning ownership of fireworks rates up there with unfairly taxing tea, and might lead to a fireworks party in the future. Slowly our rights are disappearing, and the question is, which loss will be the last straw?

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