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Half-staff Controversy Continues

Field Reporter, DaveJ, spotted another story on the half-staff issue. This story from Grand Rapids, MI, shows the division that follows this controversy. In the WZZM13 news video, they talk to the Governor of Michigan and several others about the orders to lower the flag for each soldier killed in Iraq.

WZZM13 – Half-staff controversy
As you drive through the state of Michigan, you may notice that many flags are at half-staff.

That’s because Governor Jennifer Granholm has issued orders to lower the flags for every Michigan soldier who didn’t make it home from Iraq.

However, her policy is drawing some criticism.

Michigan is one of thirty states in the country that expects state buildings to lower the flag to half staff.

As we know all to well that order, following a Michigan soldier’s death, comes almost every week.

I wrote about the half-staff issue here and here, and had a lot of comments about my views. In this, like other controversies, everyone has an opinion, but there are laws—the U.S. Flag Code—that provide for the proper procedure. If some people want to change the laws, they need to lobby for legislative change (which is a constitutional right), not just ignore the law.

The U.S. Flag Code, Section 7(m), is clear on how and when to lower the American flag.

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