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The Adventures of a Grandparent

update: They say that memory is the first thing to go. They are correct. I must have been thinking of some other Seguin. The city is named for Juan Seguin and he did not die at the Alamo. He was the last messenger sent out of the Alamo. The Handbook of Texas has his entire history.

Deborah and I have the great pleasure of watching the granddaughter for a few days. Her parents are busy, and that gives us the perfect opportunity to spoil have fun with her.

The challenges of parenting are many, but they can’t compare with the pleasures and adventures of grandparenting. We can spoil her, then take her home. What’s better than that? For today, there is nothing like an extremely high-energy four-year old cooped up in a house because of rain. It means Pop (that’s me) get to be the playmate. It’s a role I need practice with, but I’m learning.

The rest of the long, long, long, long, long story revolves around the fact that we are in Seguin, Texas for this baby sitting venture. We are turning this into a learning experience for the granddaughter and us.

Seguin is named for Jose’ Seguin, one of the Alamo heroes. A quick look on the Internet shows a park and statue dedicated to Jose’. A large park with lots of running and screaming will help, and the granddaughter will probably have fun too.

And what’s a visit to Seguin without the camera. I plan to deliver pictures tomorrow. Here’s hoping the rain eases up.

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  1. If you need another destination in town, there is a geocache called Cabin Fever in town. Do you have a GPS? Even if you don’t I think you could find this one, based on the description and map (and decrypt the clue for a hint). Or at least go to that location for another history lesson. You’ll need to log-in to get the details. Tell your little darling that Pops is looking for some treasure.

    Just an idea for ya. In our family, when someone mentions a park, a discussion of what geocaches are hidden in it ensues. That’s why I thought to look this up. The descriptions don’t always say what park they are in.

  2. Now I have some more research to do. My main issue to work with is that my only connectivity is at a local Wendy’s restaurant. I have to come over a couple times each day, and thin out email and post any articles written.

    That could be lots of fun, even though I don’t have a GPS. That makes it more of a challenge.

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