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Me? A Best Selling Author?

A few years ago, Deborah and I decided that we wanted to start another business, but with different criteria from any of our previous ones. First of all, it had to be something we loved. And we wanted something that didn’t require a fixed location, didn’t have strenuous physical requirements, and without the fixed time constraints.

After much consideration, we realized those requirements limited our choices to Best Selling Author or an Internet based business.

I wanted to quickly become a BSA (Best Selling Author) until Deborah pointed out a few holes in my plan—like no book, no agent, and no publisher. Talk about busting my bubble. I was deflated in more ways than one.

Truth be known, Deborah is the potential BSA. She has a mind for fiction and creates plots and characters just for fun. She can take an everyday event and spin it into a book idea that will stand you on your head. She’s a dedicated researcher and a good writer, but lacks the recognition of Tom Clancy or Stephen King.

Speaking of Stephen King, have you ever read his book, On Writing? If you do any writing in your life or business, this is a book you must read. Stephen (see how familiar we are) takes a subject that should be dry and dull, and writes a fascinating book that is a real page turner. You read that correctly … page turner … a book about writing … subject and verbs … sentence construction … punctuation … style …

At The Daily Flag, Deborah and I enjoy the best of both worlds. We hone our writing skills by writing about something we love—flags—while managing an online business, selling something we love—U.S. and state flags.

Talk about living the dream!

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