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A Flag Quiz from The Brownsville Herald

How good is your knowledge of the flag and U.S. Flag Code? Here’s a fun Flag Quiz we found at The Brownsville Herald. Tomorrow we’ll print the answers to the sixteen questions.

Flag Day Quiz
herald-flag-quiz.jpgFlag Day is June 14. What do you know about the U.S. flag and its correct display and proper care? Answers to these questions will accompany The Brownsville Herald’s Flag Day story Thursday.

1. The U.S. flag is customarily folded into a …
A. Square
B. Rectangle
C. Triangle
D. Tetrahedron

2. True or False: It is permissible for flag bearers to carry a flag horizontally, as when it is carried across a football field at the beginning of a game.

3. True or False: The U.S. flag displayed outdoors on a flagpole must be taken down during inclement weather.

Head over to their website for the remaining questions.

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