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The Daily Flag News—June 11, 2007

Are you ready for some Red, White and Blue? It’s Flag Week, and Flag Day is Thursday. This week I will be watching and searching for those extra-special flag stories, the kind we like at The Daily Flag, and the kind we hope you enjoy.

Eileen Stiles, nicknamed “The Flag Lady,” is earning her title with the approach of Flag Day. She is one of the people responsible for equipping the street light poles in Raymond, Maine with American flags this week. Living a nomadic, military life most of her life, she is making a big splash in her new permanent home. – Community News – Current Publishing, LLC
flag-lady-of-raymond.jpgRAYMOND (June 8, 2007): Since 2003, the town of Raymond has displayed an extraordinary number of American flags around town to mark the time period from Memorial Day through Veterans Day. This year, 120 flags will hang on every light pole in Raymond. And it has all been made possible through the work of “The Flag Lady,” Raymond resident Eileen Stiles.

Eileen’s husband, Howard Stiles, gave her that nickname, and it stuck.

“That’s a very affectionate, endearing term,” said Howard.

After living the nomadic life of a military family, the Stileses and their three children moved to Raymond in 1983. According to Eileen, she never thought she would live in Maine, but after a Labor Day camping trip, she fell in love with it. Once they were settled, they became deeply involved with the town of Raymond.

“For the first time, we put in big roots in a community,” said Eileen.

Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes, are all part of Flag Day. There are many names for our flag, but the patriotic symbol always stands tall when looked at in light of its history.

Opinion: Flag Day prompts patriotism | flag, america, patriotism : Portales News-Tribune
pntonline-flag-day.jpgJune 14 is “Flag Day.” This is a time to honor “Old Glory” and to show our patriotism for America. I love our flag and the freedom it stands for.

On June 14, 1777, Congress officially passed an act declaring that our flag have 13 stripes, alternating with red and white.

The 13 stars stood for 13 colonies on a field of blue. Fifty stars represent our states with two added in 1959, Hawaii and Alaska.

The red on our flag represents the blood that was shed creating the new nation. I like to think it continues to represent those many lives that have bravely died to protect our beloved land.

The color blue has been said to represent the ocean that had to be crossed to get to this great land. I like to think the blue also represents the “true blue” patriotism that people have for their homeland.

Jamestown, Virginia was the first permanent colony in what is now the United States. This brief history lesson about early American history will help you understand some basis for the Declaration of Independence a hundred years later.

WorldNetDaily: America’s 1st war for independence
jamestown-jubilee.jpgExactly 100 years before the members of the 2nd Continental Congress pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the cause of freedom, Jamestown became the location of America’s first true war for independence.

The year was 1676, and the key players were an impatient and heavy-handed governor named Sir William Berkeley, and the charismatic legislator and populist, Nathaniel Bacon.

The question was this: What are citizens supposed to do when their wives and children are being murdered and scalped on a regular basis, and the civil magistrate (in this case, the governor) not only refuses to defend them, but actually prohibits the citizenry from taking up arms in defense of their own family members?

The New Orleans Saints and the NFL are hosting the 8th annual flag football championships. This is the first time for the games to be held in the US, so this is really cool.

N.O. to host flag football championships-
no-and-flag-football.jpgNew Orleans has been the site of nine Super Bowls, so why not make it the host venue for a world-wide youth flag football championship?

That’s what the NFL and the Saints decided. This summer, the city and its pro football team will play host to the eighth annual Flag Football World Championships, with the title game being contested in the Superdome before the Saints-Buffalo Bills exhibition game Aug. 10.

“This is the first time ever it’s been held in the United States, and more importantly, being held in partnership with an NFL club,” said Kathryn Kelly, the league’s manager of international fan development and events. “Looking at different options of where we wanted to host it, New Orleans was just a natural fit (with) the Saints, who showed a willingness in supporting the event. And we hope the event will contribute to the rebuilding effort, to bring a higher profile to the New Orleans community.”

The Philippines celebrate their Flag Day this month. June 12th is the 109th anniversary for their national flag.

PIA Homepage
philippine-flag-day.jpgDipolog City (8 June) — Owners of business establishments, public and private offices as well as owners of residential houses here have been enjoined to display the Philippine national flag in commemoration of the 109th independence day celebration on June 12.

This was the directive recently issued by the city government of Dipolog led by Mayor Roberto Y. Uy.

The city government has observed that the value of patriotism among the Filipino people is fading out and this prompted Mayor Uy to urge everybody to fly the national flag.

“Filipinos now seem to forget the significance of June 12, which must be remembered as a very remarkable date since this is our freedom day,” Uy stressed.

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