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FLAG, a book by Marc Leepson

Flag, Marc LeepsonFLAG is Marc Leepson‘s splendid biography about the American flag. First published in June 2005, this is a book that every family should have in their personal library.

Leepson’s book is meticulously researched, saturated with information about our country’s flag, and delightful to read. It’s like reading about a beloved relative—you know part of the story, but not the whole story. It’s our story, both good and bad.

At present, I use five reference books when writing about flags, and Marc Leepson’s FLAG is my favorite. It’s not fair to call it a reference book though, because that might imply that it’s dry and dusty, and I give you my word—it is not. It’s a terrific, interesting book.

FLAG is the perfect summer book, as we transit the solemn remembrances of Memorial Day, to the let-every-flag-wave day of June 14, to the light-up-the-sky Fourth of July.

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