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Fun at the used bookstore

See You at the TopLast weekend while we were away from home, Deborah and I dropped in at a used book store for a little browsing fun. We have completely different personalities, so I trotted off to the business section and she headed to the Americana corner. We had a great time!

Digging through the business section, I found several copies of Zig Ziglar’s breakout book See You at The Top, which I have never read. $3.98? SOLD! In the “M” section I found a number of John Maxwell books, and look—here is a copy of The Winning Attitude for $3.98. SOLD!

Deborah chose William Safire’s 1125 page book Freedom about Lincoln and the Civil War (that can be used as a very classy doorstop too) and other books on American history and heraldry. She found super-nice bird identification book for the grandchild, because you cannot let your grandchild be bird-illiterate, even if she is but four-years-old. I located a couple science fiction classics in the close-out section. How can you pass up hard-back books for a buck? I can’t pass up that kind of bargain.

We toted out eight books (five hard backs) for the paltry sum of $30. I love a good deal!

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