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How much do you know about the flag?

I started reading this article without looking at the dateline, and thought how sad it is that 88% of the people don’t know much about the flag. Then I quickly realized this story is from Calcutta and the flag is the Indian National flag.

I don’t have any data for support, but the U.S. population probably isn’t much better in knowing facts about the American flag. Americans see the flag all the time and even say the Pledge of Allegiance from memory, but it usually stops there.

The Telegraph – Calcutta : Opinion
Indian National FlagMore than 88 Indians among 100 — who were quizzed — had no answer to what the national flag denoted. Eight per cent hemmed and hawed while only a mere four per cent were actually aware that the expression “Indian national flag” includes — according to the book of law — “any picture, painting, drawing or photograph or other visible representation of the Indian national flag or any part or parts thereof made of any substance or represented on any substance”.

“We claim to be patriotic but still fail to realise what it is that defines patriotism in our country,” says social activist Sudakshina Basu. “There are so many who don’t even know the significance of the three colours of our flag. Obviously you can’t expect them to know the laws pertaining to the display or hoisting of the flag, leave alone abide by them,” she says pointedly.

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