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The Daily Flag News—May 29, 2007

The Queen of Red, White, and Blue loves to share her knowledge with anyone that will give an ear. Overcoming many hardships, she now trumpets the richness of the USA. A wonderful story of the pursuit of happiness.

Las Cruces Sun-News – Self-proclaimed ‘flag lady’ loves to share U.S. history
marilyn-humphrey.jpgLAS CRUCES — Marilyn Humphrey has a lot to remember this Memorial Day. Humphrey, who has been called “The Queen of Red, White and Blue,” has found comfort and inspiration by sharing what she calls “entertainment with a message for all Americans:” patriotic presentations delivered to schools, churches and youth, senior and civic groups throughout the United States.

She has experienced some monumental tragedies and triumphs in her own life. The California native said her father died before she was born. And in those tough Depression-era times, at age 2, “I was homeless, living under a tree in Colton, Calif., with my mother and older sister.”

At eleven Randee Harvel knows all about patriotism and exudes that in the artwork that won the Armed Services YMCA’s annual national art contest.

People Features | 5/24/07 11-year-old’s drawing wins national contest
the-times-herald.jpgRandee Harvel is a shy, pretty 11-year-old girl.

A fifth grader at Arbor Springs Elementary, she said social studies is currently her favorite subject — especially the units on the Civil War and World War II.

She enjoys swimming with friends, the Disney Channel, and she expresses her artistic side through gymnastics and playing the piano.

As normal as all of that sounds, Randee is one young lady who knows a lot about pride.

She’s learned more than many ever may about patriotism from the man in her family who upholds it — Brig. Gen. Don Harvel, Randee’s dad.

“I’m very proud of him,” she said.

That pride, expressed with crayons and paper, recently won the Armed Services YMCA’s annual national art contest.

This essay by Cadet Kristine J. Najim, in the Hawaii Reporter will remind you of duty and honor. Take a few moments to read it.

Hawaii Reporter: Hawaii Reporter
flag.jpgMany people may say that the United States flag symbolizes freedom, but to me it means much more. When I look at the flag flying high in the sky, I can almost picture the hardship and struggle that came to becoming a free country; the past generations who fought to keep the United States as a whole, and a portrayal of courage.

A lone immigrant may see the flag as a model to how they surpassed their dreams into becoming a United States citizen, while an American citizen may see it as a symbol of appreciation to our founding fathers for making us what we are today. I can proudly say that I’d die to keep the flag soaring high above our nation.

Wiltshire County, UK will be flying a newly designed flag next week. It seems the county didn’t have a flag, so Prior decided they needed one. That led to a chain of events culminating in his new flag design.

Wiltshire Flag To Fly At County Hall (from This Is Wiltshire)
wiltshire-flag.jpgA WILTSHIRE county flag will be flying high at County Hall next week at a special ceremony with Wiltshire County Council’s leader and chairman.

Leader Jane Scott and chairman Judy Seager will attend the event at 9am on Tuesday along with Mike Prior who came up with the design of the flag.

Flag enthusiast Mike Prior of Trowbridge said: “I have always loved flag flying and I thought it would be good to fly something other than the Union Flag or national flags.

“I have done my research and found there wasn’t a flag for the county so I thought why not design one?”

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