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Flag Pictures from the Texas Panhandle

P1010014In April, I wrote an article on why you should buy from Flags Bay. At the end of the article, I included a testimonial from my Mom. Here it is:

“We live in the Panhandle of Texas. Most people have experienced our winds coming or going on I-40. It can tear up a lot of flags. These flags we bought from Flags Bay are withstanding high winds up here and holding up very well. Most flags we’ve bought in the past do good if they withstand the wind a month without shredding.”

What I didn’t have for the article was photographs of Mom’s flags flying in the Texas Panhandle breeze. Mom is working on becoming more digital, and I think is making remarkable progress. She insisted on getting a laptop a few years ago, to keep in touch via email when they were traveling, and that is progressing nicely.

P1010001Then they took the plunge and bought a digital camera and began learning how to take photos and then get them onto the computer and sent to people. I set her up with Picasa , the Google photo client, and showed her how the process works, and now pictures are flying around the web to beat the band.

The first picture was taken standing in the driveway in portrait mode. The Panhandle’s predominant wind direction is from the southwest, but this day is an exception blowing from the southeast.

The second picture is taken from the porch and is my favorite.It looks like the wind was blowing pretty good on the day this photo were taken.

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