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The Daily Flag News—May 23, 2007

Memorial Day is traditionally filled with sober reminders of the sacrifices of the U.S. Military, but none more so than the annual honor at Arlington National Cemetery.

The flagsinatarlingtomcemetery.jpgDC Traveler – Flags In – Memorial Day Weekend at Arlington Cemetery
For the past 40 years, before each Memorial Day, army soldiers from the 3rd U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard) honor America’s servicemen killed or wounded in action that are buried at Arlington National Cemetery by placing an American flag on each gravestone.

This tradition, called “flags in ” has been an annual activity since 1948. Flags are placed on more than 260,000 gravesites at Arlington for Memorial Day. After the three-day weekend, the flags are removed.

This Hummer dealer must feel like the rug has been pulled from under him. First you have permission, then you don’t. There is much more to this story, so click over and read the entire article. – News – Council backs neighbors in flap, orders flag down
dealership-flag.jpgCall it a show of patriotic pride. Or call it a crass red-white-and-blue marketing ploy.

Either way, the city of Las Vegas has ordered a Hummer dealership to take down an American flag that flies 100 feet above the business.

Dan Towbin, owner of Towbin Hummer, said he was in disbelief at the City Council’s decision this week to require the business to take down the 30-by-60-foot Stars and Stripes that has flown since May 2006 in front of the dealership.

“It’s ridiculous in today’s day and age to suggest removing an American flag,” he said.

Towbin must remove the flag within 60 days, though he said he was contemplating a lawsuit to challenge the council’s unanimous action.

A little respect goes a long way in educating these teenagers in the proper retirement for an American flag that has served its country. I love these stories, if you haven’t noticed.

News::Students Burn American Flag Out of Respect
burn-the-flag-with-respect.jpgHigh schools students learned a bit of history about the American flag and saw how to burn it the correct way with respect.

The local VFW showed Mishawaka high school kids the significance of the stars and stripes and how to care for a tattered flag.

A student sang the Star Spangled Banner during the “retirement of colors” ceremony. The flag was cut into pieces and burned in a pit.

A war veteran says respecting our flag also means you honor our country.

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  1. Larry, its really neat that flag-retirements are regularly reported in local news. Somehow it seems so patriotic and noteworthy.

    We are going with the scouts tonight to place flags at the local veteran’s cemetery. Another great American tradition. (I’ll send you some pics, promise.)

  2. Hey Dave, I look forward to a few pictures.

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