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John Adams Dollar Coin

The second Presidential dollar coin is available now, so grab some John Adams coins and head to the mall. This coin joins the George Washington coin released in the first quarter of 2007 and will be followed by the Thomas Jefferson and James Madison coins later this year. The dollar coins are being released in the order that the Presidents served in office, four coins each year.


Even though each of the fronts of the coins will change with each coin, the reverse side remains the same with an image of the Statue of Liberty. The date imprints are on the rolled edges, rather than on the face of the coin.


The dollar coins haven’t gained a foothold for many reasons, but like the State quarters, these are more for the collectors among us.

Mint introduces John Adams dollar coin | – Houston Chronicle
WASHINGTON — The second dollar coin in the new presidential series went into circulation around the country Thursday with the U.S. Mint hoping it can turn 18th-century statesman John Adams into a 21st century marketing phenomenon.

After two famous flops in Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea, the U.S. Mint believes it now has the right strategy for success. But there are still naysayers around who believe a dollar coin will never gain wide acceptance unless the government gets rid of the dollar bill.

The mint’s new formula has borrowed from the 50-state quarter program, the most popular coin program ever, which has lured Americans into becoming coin collectors.

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