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Peace Officers’ Memorial Day and Week, 2007

Yesterday was Peace Officers’ Memorial Day, and a day for flying the flag at half-staff until noon.

In January, I wrote the notation for May 15 in my calendar book. Truth is, I live the kind of life that has little regard for the clock or the calendar. The last time I looked at my calendar was on May 3, when I wrote down that it was a friend’s 53 birthday, and my personal appointments are so rare I could write them on my palm (not the digital kind, but the five-fingered kind). Obviously I need to reconsider my methods.

Texas Department of Public Safety SealTo make up for my carelessness, let me say that I am one who is always happy to see a patrol car on the road with me. Some of my favorite people in world are DPS Troopers, deputy sheriffs, and the ordinary patrol cop. I offer up a silent prayer when I hear sirens or helicopters, and I weep when I hear bagpipes.

To those who protect and serve— Peace Officers everywhere—I offer my eternal gratitude for your never-ending hard work and dedication. Here is a link to the Presidential Proclamation in honor of the event this week.

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