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Pennsylvanians consider changes to their state flag

Pennsylvania State Flag

State Flag of Pennsylvania

Last February I wrote Name This Flag, an article in The Daily Flag about the strong similarity in twenty-eight of our state flags: the use of the state seal or coat of arms on a blue background. I also pointed out the imagery of a sailing ship in five of those state flags: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York, and Oregon.

In Pennsylvania, Rep. Timothy Solobay, D. 48th District, Washington County, has introduced a bill that if passed will add distinctive gold lettering to the state flag to read Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

“I am proud of this state and I want to make sure that anyone who sees our flag immediately knows that it is from this wonderful Commonwealth, home to America’s oldest freely elected legislature,” said Solobay,

The design of Pennsylvania’s flag was originally adopted by the General Assembly in 1799. The last time it was modified was 1907 when a law was passed that mandated that the blue field that holds the coat of arms be the same blue as the field in “Old Glory,” our national flag.

Solobay’s legislation has received bipartisan support, but Solobay would also like to hear the public’s voice on the matter. He has posted a survey on his website, where residents can choose which design they would like to see if his bill is passed.

a proposed new Penn flag designThe survey is here, if you want to take a look at the designs under consideration. Of the choices offered, I like this one (left) the best, though it leaves off the world “Commonwealth.”

Personally, I think the Pennsylvania state legislature should ask the Pennsylvania Society Daughters of the American Revolution to sponsor a contest to design a new state flag. The DAR in Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, New Mexico, and Oklahoma (to name a few) have enjoyed enormous success with flag design.

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