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The Daily Flag News—May 1, 2007

I love a mission with a plan. At my website, Motivation on the Run, I frequently write about goal setting and achievement. Eleanor doesn’t need any help from me on this one. She has determined to raise money for her goal, and won’t quit until the mission is accomplished. You go GIRL!

The Eureka Reporter – Article

eleanor-sullivan-and-wes-green.jpgEleanor Sullivan will not take off her flag-print jacket until she raises $2,500.
Sullivan is raising the money to replace the American flag at the end of Heindon Road adjacent to U.S. Highway 101 between McKinleyville and Arcata. She would like to gather 250 donations of $10 each.

“The flag was just worn out and shredded from the wind, and I thought it would be good to replace it, and maybe get the flagpole painted,” Sullivan said.
Wes Green of Wes Green Landscaping Supplies owns the property the flag is on and helped put it up in 1991.

He said the flag was erected to show support for the troops fighting in the Gulf War, and in response to the Arcata City Council’s declaration of Arcata as a sanctuary for military deserters and those opposing the war.

The Kiwanis Club of Rosepine is at work in their community, donating a new flagpole to coordinate with the city’s new flags at their new ballpark.
Beauregard Daily News

rosepines-new-flag.jpgROSEPINE – Rosepine High School recently held a flag dedication ceremony for the new flags and flagpole installed at their new softball/ baseball complex.

The Town of Rosepine donated an American flag and a Louisiana flag. The Rosepine Kiwanis Club donated the flagpole. The American flag had been flown over the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and the Louisiana State Flag had been in use at the State Capitol.

According to school and town officials, Sen. James David Cain and U.S. Congressman Jim McCrery helped the town get the flags after Mayor Bruce Ward called to request them.

“I remembered from the fourth grade when a girl wrote a letter to request the Federal flag, that you could do that,” Ward said. “We felt that a new sports complex deserves new flags.”

The Rosepine Kiwanis Club members say that they began working on this project many months ago and are pleased that it is finally completed.

More of American youths learning about American history. This time the VFW is working with the Arkansas schools to educate 5th graders on U.S. flag etiquette. What an important task to undertake in today’s world.
Area fifth grade students learn American Flag etiquette

times-herald.jpg“Of course, the purpose of it is to educate children about respect for the American Flag, and they learn the history of the flag,” said Haven. “They learn the flag code. The code is not a law, but it is a rule of proper treatment of our flag. The flag represents everything this country stands for, and in fact, I don’t believe school children receive any training about the American Flag other than what is done each year by the group that does this.”

This is a great article about two gentlemen, Pat Nagan and Roy Langdon, placing the American flags on the city lightpoles. Head over and then click on the article title to see a slideshow and here Nagan telling about their task and what it means to them. This is good stuff!
Real to Reel: Raising the flag (play slideshow)

real-to-reel.jpgCity of Appleton public works employees Pat Nagan and Roy Langdon were up before the sunrise Tuesday decorating the streets of Appleton with some 120 American flags. The annual placement of the flags on light poles for several blocks along Wisconsin Avenue and College Avenue in Appleton is a tradition that Nagan and Langdon, both Vietnam War era veterans, have been a part of for the past 20 years.
Langdon served in the Vietnam war in the ’60s, and for Nagan, a 1969 draftee of the Vietnam War who served his over seas duty in Korea, this day is more that just another day on the job. With a daughter, Amy, who’s a staff Sgt. in the air national guard who served in the Middle East, and a father that served in WWII, today is a day to say thanks.

Flag news from the U.K. This story is one to think about. Follow the link and read the whole thing.
Pub ordered to remove England flag – Morning Advertiser

flag-of-england.jpgCouncil chiefs have ordered a host to remove an England flag from her pub – because the word “England” was written on it.

Sally Gooing was told that the wording meant the flag was technically classed as an advert and she would need planning permission for it.

She risked a £2,000 fine if she did not remove the flag.

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