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The Daily Flag News—April 30, 2007

Another class act performed by a Boy Scout Troop.

The Eureka Reporter – Article

scouts-unfolding-us-flag.jpgArcata’s Boy Scouts Troop 9 members, from left, Billy Bartley, Kelly Joice, Ryan Ennes and Michael Mizuta prepare this flag for its new home, the Arcata Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members requested the flag from the American Legion Post 274 of Arcata. They then contacted Assembly member Patty Berg and U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson and asked for the flag, and two others, to be donated to the chamber so they could honor their country with its symbolism. The event was attended by the American Legion Post 274 of Arcata, Boy Scouts Troop 9 of Arcata and other supportive community residents. Big Pete’s Pizza and Murphy’s Market provided snacks for the attendees. Joni Schrantz/The Eureka Reporter

Keeping you up to date with the America’s Cup race brings this update from this weekend. A hard fought race resulted in the American ship winning the first race by 38 seconds. That’s close.
America’s Cup blog: Oracle 1, Team NZ 0 – 29 Apr 2007 – America’s Cup news and coverage – New Zealand Herald

teamnz.jpgThe initial signs looked good for Team New Zealand. But in the last half of the beat Oracle chewed them up.

Some of it would have been windshifts. But Team New Zealand weren’t going fast enough. In that condition the way Oracle caught them up, passed them and sailed past them—they were faster.

Oracle went on to win by 38 seconds.

Teaching American history to American youths is a challenge, but some are called to do just that. My hat is off to these gentlemen from The Elks Lodge.
The Intelligencer & Wheeling News-Register

the-intelligencer.jpgThe first American flag had a white background and a pine tree on it, the students learned. They also received an education about other early American flags, about how to fold a flag and what each fold means.

‘‘We’re trying to bring patriotism back to the community,’’ Duffy said.

He said he has been a referee at high school basketball games and has noticed that when the national anthem is played before the game, people aren’t really paying attention.

‘‘They have no idea about patriotism or about what the flag means,’’ Duffy said. ‘‘When I drive through Wheeling, I see more NASCAR flags flying in front of homes than I do American flags.’’

More history for you buffs that can’t get enough. This is from Boston and centers around the American Revolution. There is even a follow-up article on the same subject.
Boston 1775: What Could Nine Stripes Mean?

libtreeflag.gifYesterday I started to write about the Bostonian Society’s “Liberty Tree Flag” and its ongoing efforts to authenticate that banner as one which indeed flew from Boston’s Liberty Tree to signal popular meetings.

That flag has nine vertical stripes, alternating red and white, as shown here. It’s natural to ask, therefore, what those stripes might symbolize.

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