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San Jacinto—The Battle

Dateline: San Jacinto—April 21, 1836
5:00 AM

General Santa Anna, expecting a sunrise attack, has his men ready and in formation at sunrise. No attack comes, so sentries are posted and the men are ordered to rest.

9:00 AM
General Cos arrives with 500 reinforcements, bringing the Mexican contingency to about 1200. Santa Anna isn’t sure of the military strength of the Texians, but is now prepared for battle.

12:00 PM – Mexican Camp
Morning turns into noon, lunch is served and the Mexican army, believing the Texians are outnumbered and afraid, settle into for an afternoon siesta. The sentries are relieved so they can go eat, and no replacements are assigned to the duty.

12:00 PM – Texian Camp
Houston calls a war council to get the opinions of his officers. They advise waiting so the Texians can use the woods for their advantage when Santa Anna attacks. This is their best chance against Santa Anna’s larger troop numbers.

01:00 PM
Houston decides they will attack, but tells no one. Houston knows this battle must be won. Santa Anna is marching across Texas killing everyone in his path, showing no mercy.


04:00 PM
Houston assembles his men and prepares for attack. The Second Regiment will flank left and he will flank right. Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad!

04:30 PM
Quietly and quickly, the men approach the breastworks of the Mexican camp. Almost there … spotted! The Mexican bugler sounds enemy approaching, but the element of surprise works in the Texians favor.

05:00 PM
The Mexicans are retreating with the Texians in pursuit. For more than an hour, the Texians drive the Mexican troops back against the swamp. They have nowhere to go.

06:00 PM
More than 700 Mexican soldiers have surrendered to General Houston, but Santa Anna is missing. Where is he?

Dateline: San Jacinto—April 22, 1836
General Antonia Lopez De Santa Anna is captured the next day, and brought to face General Houston. He agrees to a treaty requiring all Mexican soldiers to leave Texas.

Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad!

The Republic of Texas is born!

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