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San Jacinto—The Texian Camp

Dateline: Brazos River—April 11, 1836
The Texian troops receive the Twin Sisters. A gift from the City of Cincinnati, the two 6-pound cannons will make a statement.

Dateline: Near Harrisburg—April 17, 1836
Decision time: the left fork of the road leads to Louisiana and the safety of the United States. The right leads to Harrisburg and certain confrontation with General Santa Anna. Houston turns right!

Dateline: Vince’s Bayou—April 18, 1836
Santa Anna crosses the bridge over Vince’s Bayou to investigate Anahuac. General Houston receives word of this and knows that Santa Anna must return the same way. Houston leaves White Oak Bayou and marches the men to Buffalo Bayou across from San Jacinto.

Dateline: Lynch’s Ferry—April 20, 1836
Marching to San Jacinto, Houston’s men capture a supply boat belonging to Santa Anna. Moving about a mile back up the road to Harrisburg, the timber makes good cover. The Texians set up camp in the trees, occupying the high ground. The strategic advantage is held by Houston.


April 20—Afternoon
Houston gives permission to Sidney Sherman to take volunteers from the cavalry detachment and scout the area. Sherman’s men come across some Mexican infantry and decide to attack. Olwyns J. Trask is killed along with several horses and another is wounded. Private Mirabeau B. Lamar shows great potential and receives a field promotion to command the cavalry.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.

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