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Staff Meetings

Just like other businesses, we at Flags Bay and The Daily Flag have staff meetings. We talk about inventory and revenue, expenses and supplies, the website and computers, software and why I have such a difficult time remembering particular HTML coding, and Technorati tags

Larry will ask what I am working on, which is usually research, because I can research for days without actually writing anything (while piling up books and papers all around me, and every pencil I own, plus a ruler, magnifying glass, archival tape, and a stack of jazz CDs), and I write mostly about subjects that are not time-sensitive.

Then he tells me about the ideas and things he is working on, and those items are normally more topical. He writes much faster than I do, and is amazingly organized, and he mind-maps much of what he does. He is digital and I am analog, and thus we maintain a balance of sorts.

After that he asks what I’m fixing for lunch, and I tell him that I haven’t thought about it, and he reminds me that he likes to eat lunch every day, usually about noon, and because we have been married for thirty-seven years, he doesn’t understand why I have to think about it each day. I remind him that I married him “for better or worse” but not lunch every day.

He goes to bed early, gets up early. I stay up late, and sleep late, and he brings me coffee in bed. I load the dishwasher and he unloads it, and he makes sure that my car never runs out of gas, because he knows how much I hate to pump gas (and he records the number of gallons, the price per gallon, and calculates the mileage on his Palm Tungsten T5, because he is digital and I am analog).

On Fridays, we go to the bank, the library (because you can’t write if you are not reading), and eat lunch out (usually Szechuan, but occasionally shrimp or catfish), then hit the office supply and the grocery store. Sometimes we go to a park beside the water, and watch the sailboats leave out for a weekend on Galveston Bay or the Gulf of Mexico, and thus we maintain our balance.

2 thoughts on “Staff Meetings

  1. Thanks for the ‘other side of Larry’. Sounds like a happy marriage of digital and analog!

  2. Dave … It is a happy marriage, and he buys me all the pencils and paper I want.

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