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San Jacinto—The Mexican Camp

Dateline: Road to Anahauc—April 19, 1836
General Santa Anna’s troops, numbering 700, are near the San Jacinto River. Having burned Harrisburg April 15th, Santa Anna is pursuing the newly formed Texas government. Arriving at Morgan’s Point, he discovers the government has fled to Galveston.

Dateline: White Oak Bayou—April 19, 1836
General Sam Houston learns that Santa Anna has crossed the bridge at Vince’s Bayou and must return the same way. This is the strategic edge Houston is looking for. This evening Houston and 248 men cross Buffalo Bayou and march until midnight.

Dateline: Harrisburg—April 20, 1836
Houston and his men continue the march, capturing a supply boat as it crosses at Lynch’s Ferry. They draw back a mile and camp in some timber for cover. They possess what high ground there is.

Dateline: San Jacinto—April 20, 1836: afternoon
Sidney Sherman, with a small cavalry attachment, engages Santa Anna’s infantry. Several men and horses are killed, but both sides pull back.

Dateline: San Jacinto—April 20, 1836
Santa Anna makes camp just under the high ground, a mile from the Texian’s camp. He expects the arrival of reinforcements soon.


Dateline: San Jacinto—April 21, 2007
The Mexican reenactors don’t number 700 but they are dressed in 1836 Uniforms and have spent the night on cots placed in small tents representing the camp from 171 years ago. They number a few dozen today, participating in a battle they will lose soon.

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