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Correction—Deborah made a mistake

California flag

courtesy Steve Roe and Flickr

When I wrote about the Bear Flag of California, at the bottom of the article I said,“Two more states have a bear represented on their flags. Can you name them?”

Doug, a reader from California tried to find those other two flags, but found only the Missouri flag. He wrote to The Daily Flag to ask what the third bear flag was. Doug has good eyes, because there isn’t a third bear flag. I made a careless mistake.

I use several books about flags (plus the internet) as references in preparation for writing about the state flags. When I find a tidbit of information that I think is especially noteworthy, or draw some brilliant conclusion on my own, I tag the spot with a sticky note so I can come back to it later.

Missouri flag

courtesy LHarkness and Flickr

While studying about California, I found that the Missouri flag had bears on it, so I tagged with it “other bears,” because I knew I wouldn’t forget that California had a bear, but I might forget about Missouri until I wrote about it too. Except that I tagged the sticky note on Maine’s page, which is next to Missouri in the book I was using, where the states are listed by the date of entrance into the Union, not alphabetically.

When I finished writing about the Bear Flag of California, I remembered Missouri, and flipped over to “other bears,” wrongly tagged on the Maine page. “Two more states,” my brain said, and that’s what I wrote. I wouldn’t have caught this mistake until I wrote about Missouri or Maine!

Thanks again to Doug, and now I’ll get busy and write about Missouri.

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