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Why Do You Fly a Flag?

Why do you fly a flag? It can be a U.S. Flag, State flag, or an honorary flag of some kind. If I asked one-hundred people, I might get one-hundred different answers, but what are some of the obvious ones?

  • To show pride in the United States
  • To show patriotism
  • To watch the flag flying
  • To honor Veterans
  • To honor America
  • To show respect for the Stars and Stripes

Lone StarWhat’s your reason? Did I get it above, or is there something else?

Drop a comment or email me and tell me why you fly your flag, and what flag you fly.

1 thought on “Why Do You Fly a Flag?

  1. To remind myself that I live in a Free Nation, and that someone died for me to have that Freedom.

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