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The Daily Flag News—April 13, 2007

News today is brought to you by the the letter “C.” It plays a big role in today’s news—Chicago, California, Cansas Kansas City, and Orkney. Okay, I can’t even think of a way to make the Island of Orkney a “C.” Sorry.

I’d love to see a picture of the twelve flags representing the twelve countries of the schools foreign exchange students. For a new school, they already have a great tradition going. | 04/11/2007 | Flag display recognizes students’ countries

Kansas City dot ComBlue Valley West’s student council recently created the flag display. Emily Owens, senior student council representative, said “I think there are some students that aren’t really aware of how many people we have from other countries that come and visit us.”

“We have been given a lot of different experiences from what these students have brought to us,” she added. “And so West is becoming a part of the world outside of Overland Park.”

The high school only opened in 2001, so has yet to accumulate a long history of foreign exchange students. But Principal John Laurie expects the number of flags displayed in the cafeteria to continue to grow. Laurie had proposed the idea to the student council last school year to celebrate the contributions of its foreign exchange students.

This new flag for the City of Paradise, California, is quite a bold splash of colors and forms. It will probably show up nicely at the top of a flagpole.
Chico Enterprise Record – Town Council picks official Paradise flag

New Paradise FlagPARADISE — Butte Creek Canyon. Trees. White clouds lining a blue sky.

Glenn Harrington’s take on these familiar symbols of Paradise will soon find its way onto the town’s flagpoles.

On Tuesday, the Paradise Town Council selected Harrington’s bold design from two other finalists to be the town’s official flag.

“I think it will look good on top of the flagpole,” Councilman Alan White said.

This is a great article about the Chicago City flag. It goes into great detail about what the stripes and stars represent, and the possibility of adding another six pointed star in the future.
Chicagoist: Five Star Flag?

Chicago Star FlagAs all Chicagoans no doubt know, the city’s flag includes three white bars, two blue bars and four six-sided stars. The three white bars signify the North, West and South sides of the city while the blue bars represent Lake Michigan and the North Branch of the Chicago River, South Branch of the Chicago River and the Great Canal.

Each of the four stars represents a major event in the city’s history: the Fort Dearborn Massacre, Great Chicago Fire, the Columbian Exposition of 1893, 1933’s Century of Progress.

Additionally, each of the stars’ six sides also symbolize something.

This story comes all the way from the Isle of Orkney, just off the northern coast of Scotland. The island council decided a new flag was needed, and a local postman developed the new design in just a few hours.
BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | North East/N Isles | Postman designs new Orkney flag

Isle of OrkneyA postman from Orkney has designed the new official flag for the islands using his grandchildren’s crayons.

Duncan Tullock’s blue, yellow and red design is set to fly over the island after being voted the best of 100 designs submitted to the council.

The flag replaces the red and yellow cross of St Magnus, which was ruled too similar to other national banners.

Mr Tullock, 52, took just two hours to come up with the design after borrowing his granddaughters’ crayon set.

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