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The Daily Flag News—April 9, 2007

I am continually amazed at the ongoing conspiracy theory about the moon landing. I have read many articles on both sides and, to be honest, I just don’t believe the government is generally that organized.
What hoax? U.S. museum aims to set record straight over moon landing

Planting Flag on MoonWAPAKONETA, Ohio (AP) – A museum honouring the first man to walk on the moon is not afraid to confront conspiracy theorists who argue his 1969 lunar landing was a hoax.
“If it takes a controversy to get them here, that’s fine with us,” said Andrea Waugh, an education specialist at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum, named after Apollo 11 astronaut
and hometown hero Neil Armstrong.
The museum in western Ohio set up a display Saturday featuring some of the talking points that conspiracy theorists make in books and numerous websites to try to back up their claims that NASA staged all of its moon landings from 1969 to 1972 in a movie studio.
Claims that the lunar landings were fake can be easily debunked with facts and science, Waugh told visitors.

I think a good healthy competition makes for an interesting story. Here is a town in Canada that wants to be remembered for something notable, and one person knows what that is. Flying the Canada flag!
Thorold director of tourism wants to get residents flying the flag

The TribuneSure, it’s the place where ships climb the mountain.
But if Terry Dow has her way, Thorold will also be known as Canada’s most patriotic city.
Dow, Thorold’s director of tourism, is on a mission to get her fellow Thoroldites to hoist the maple leaf this Canada Day and set a world record for the most Canadian flags per capita flying in a Canadian city.
We are Canadian. It’s about time we start showing we’re proud to be Canadian. Thorold can stand out above the rest, Dow said during a pitch for her project at a Thorold council meeting earlier this week.
More than just owning the bragging rights if the feat is accomplished, Dow said the initiative is also about forging an identity that sets Thorold apart from other cities in the region.

Several weeks ago a federal judge ruled that Iowa’s flag laws regarding the U.S. flag were unconstitutional. The House has approved a new law that is clearer and defines the terms used. Now we just have to see if it clears the judge.
House approves revision to state flag law

American FlagDES MOINES (AP) – The Iowa House has approved a revision to the state’s flag desecration laws after a federal judge ruled them unconstitutional because they are too vague.
In a move to change the law, the House approved an amendment to a bill establishing a veterans counseling program.
It says that showing disrespect to the flag means to “deface, defile, mutilate or trample”. The amendment also defines what each of those terms means.

Flags over TexasI saw this story several weeks ago and have followed it since then. It seems there is a lot of confusion in Colorado about flags and the display of flags judging from their statement in the article about the flag code. They took a complicated, 167-word paragraph and reduced it to three words: “displayed more prominently.” Another section of the U.S. Flag Code dealing with foreign flags is addressed here.

Colorado also had a law on the books making it a crime to display foreign flags, other than in public buildings. The trouble started with a geography teacher displayed a Mexico and China flag in his classroom while they were studying world geography. He was suspended from his job, reinstated after threatening a lawsuit, then quit. Who knew this stuff was so hard?
New American Flag Law Goes Into Effect

Foreign Flags Can Be Permanently Displayed With U.S. Flag

DENVER — Governor Ritter was set to sign several bills Monday, including one to relax an earlier law meant to protect the American flag.
The proposal to be signed into law by Ritter would allow schools and airports to keep other countries’ flags on permanent display indoors as long as the U.S. flag was also included and displayed more prominently, following the federal flag code. Under the current Colorado law, foreign flags can be displayed only temporarily in public buildings.

The new law was the result of a dispute last summer involving a Jefferson County School District geography teacher.

Congratulations Drew!
Eighth-grader wins (North Dakota) State Geographic Bee, to compete in nationals

Geography BeeMemorial Middle School eighth-grader Drew Penrod is the state geographic bee winner. He’ll compete in the national geographic bee in May. Drew Penrod is already a world traveler at the age of 13.

That might have had something to do with the Memorial Middle School eighth-grader’s first place win at the State Geographic Bee on March 31 in Bismarck. “He’s a very, very bright kid,” said Tracy Strand, one of his teachers. “He does very well at everything he tries. He’s one of those self-learners.”

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