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Boats and Flags Just Go Together

Blessing of the Fleet, Kemah Texas

Boats of all kinds pass through the goose-neck shaped channel between Clear Lake and Galveston Bay during the annual Blessing of the Fleet.

Boats and flags were made for each other. Living in Galveston County, one of the boating capitals of the world, the exposure to boats and ships is constant.

There are speed boats, fishing boats, sailboats, barges, and large transport and cargo ships forever moving in and around Galveston Bay. The pleasure boats use Clear Lake and Galveston Bay for fishing, and sight-seeing, as well as relaxing in the sun. The sailboats move into the Bay seeking the wind to play and race other like-minded souls.

The go-fast boats, speed to and fro getting to their destination faster than the rest, while the barges are pushed along by tug boats, with ant-like precision, a long line moving slowly from Galveston Bay into the Intercoastal Canal.

The large ships always fly the flag of their registry, providing a colorful look at the flags of the world and most of the sporting boats fly American and Texas flags, as well as many of the maritime flags, all beautifully bright in colors and meaning.

If you ever visit Galveston County, be sure to visit a few of the local watering holes, filled with beautiful boats festooned with an array of bright, colorful flags.

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