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Vexillology? Just What is That?

Just what is vexillology, anyway? It is the study of flags—all kinds of flags—from all over the world. One can even become known as a vexillologist, but not by attending any college or university for a degree.

NAVA FlagThere is a group for those interested in flags: NAVA (North American Vexillological Association). Yes, that’s a mouthful of words but well worth the effort to say. NAVA is a volunteer, non-profit organization whose goal is to further the study of all flags.

This is from the front page of their website.

Do flags interest you? Are you curious about their design, history, and symbolism? Do you wonder why these bits of cloth have such a profound effect on people and nations? If your answer is “Yes,” then please join us.

Why do I bring this up? Because vexillologist are passionate about flags, and willing to share their knowledge. So if you want to learn about flags too, NAVA is a great place to start.

Deborah and I consider ourselves vexillologists-in-training—reading, writing, and learning more about the flags around us and presenting the information to you. Daily we explore new vistas and research deeper to bring you news and facts from around the world that promotes the love of flags. Sometimes it is the little known fact in the back story that is more interesting than the obvious. Whatever it is, we are committed to bringing you the finest in what we do.

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