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B.A.N.G. Business Expo, Huge Success!

The B.A.N.G. Business Expo (Bay Area Network Group) was held yesterday at the Bay Area Community Center, just east of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Seventy-two business booths welcomed a steady flow of people from 11 AM until 6:30 PM. The initial reaction was great!

This morning was the regular, weekly meeting of the local B.A.N.G. I attend, the testimonials were flying. Everyone agreed that the expo was a huge success and sales and appointments were already taking place. In fact, several people had to leave the meeting early because of appointments with prospects met at the expo.

Here’s my advice. If you are a small business and a free networking group meets near you, JOIN! It’s a great way to meet other business people, learn about them, tell about your business, and exchange referrals. If one doesn’t exist, START ONE!

You’ll be glad you did.

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