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Flag Washing Day

In a recent article, How Long Should My Flag Last, I mentioned the need for occasional washing of your flag. By removing the grit and grime that over time accumulates on the flag, the life is significantly increased.

The flags we fly out front are to that point. One flag has been flying for only 2 months, and isn’t bad, but the other is almost a year old and the dirt was visible. Yuck! It was time to heed my own advise and launder our two flags.

I removed them from the poles and Deborah washed them on the gentle cycle in cold water After once through the washer, the oldest flag wasn’t clean enough, so we set them to wash again with a long soak (we use an enzyme detergent that works on stains with soaking). WOW! They both look brand new and ready to fly.

We hung them on a line out back to sun dry; I just brought them in for the night. Tomorrow, they will go back up fresh and clean.

Doing this probably doubled the life of these two flags. Another tip, have two sets of flags and change them out regularly.

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