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The Daily Flag News—March 22, 2007

It’s a slow news day, but digging through hundreds of stories, I found a couple to share with you.

It’s good to see lighting become a priority on a Pennsylvania flag that flies 24 hours each day, and I’m glad that Indiana legislators have the time and energy to name water the state drink. More at 11.

Gateway Newspapers

Signal Item – News

Borough building flag to be illuminated
By Jeffrey Widmer, Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The American flag has flown high at the Carnegie Borough Building ever since the building was dedicated in June 2002.

The only problem is, according to some residents and council members, the flag is not illuminated at night.

And they, along with the Federal government, say that is not right.

Resident Joann Prion suggested that the borough take measures to place lighting on the U.S. flag. She did so after council vice president Fred Carini made a motion to buy five flags to represent each branch of the U.S. military.

The flags will be placed along Veterans Way on Memorial Day.

Since the borough building was opened, the American flag has not been lit up at night.

News 15

WANE-TV Coverage You Can Count On: The Indiana Official State Beverage Is Named

(Fort Wayne–WANE) You’ve probably seen our state flag, state symbol, and state flower, which is the peony. Now we have an official state beverage.

There is another reason to spend time around the water cooler. Water is now the official state beverage. State Senator Dennis Kruse from Auburn gave H2O the title saying “I would like to see water get more respect–as a healthy beverage choice and as a vital natural resource.”

Parkview’s Dietitian Kathy Wehrle says water is the right choice for the honor. “Water has no caloric value and it helps clean the body.” She says forget about the old adage of drinking eight cups a day. Adults need more then they think. “Adult women need nine cups a day and men need 13,” said Wehrle. “Drink one cup with ever meal and a cup in between meals and you should be getting the right amount.”

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