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A Photo Shoot on the Beach

American Flag on BeachSaturday, Deborah and I went to the beach on Galveston Island to take a few pictures. The original idea was to use an American flag and a Texas flag, and take a lot of pictures to increase our photo stock for articles. And in the back of my mind I hoped that one of the shots might be the perfect photo for a new header. But there were several problems: it was the last weekend of Spring Break, and it was windy.

Spring Break

Spring Break 2007 on the island was cold and wet for the first four or five days, but at last the sun broke through on Thursday with a promise of continuing into the weekend. It did shine and the temperature returned to the upper 60s for the weekend, making it a great day for both the college crowd and the fishermen.

The main island beaches were thronged with happy, thonged young people, but that’s not where we wanted to be anyway. So we headed west, down-island to San Luis Pass, where Galveston Island ends and the toll bridge connects to the next barrier island, Follets.

At San Luis Pass there are broad swathes of flat beaches edged in estuaries, which offer excellent surf fishing. Of course, the good weather brought out everyone in Galveston and Harris counties who owned a fishing pole, and the pickups and cars were parked door handle to door handle. But we managed to find a spot, and parked, except our car was rocking.

The Wind

Texas Flag on BeachThe wind blew hard enough, that a flag pole and flag wouldn’t stand long enough for me to walk away. Even with the pole sunk deep into the sand, it blew over.

The plan changed: Deborah held the flag; Larry took the photos. The flag pole began to bend in the wind; we climb back into car. I don’t know what the wind speed was, but it blew the flags out straight and bent the poles. We did manage to get a few photos, but nothing like our original idea. We did not linger, and took only a dozen or so shots.

Now the wait is on for the perfect weekend to show up. Nice sunshine and a slightly calmer wind forecast.

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