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The Daily Flag News—March 19, 2007

Here are the news stories that caught my eye today: Essay contest winners, no fee to fly an American flag, a Chamber of Commerce with its own color guard (How cool is that?), and the Kansas state flag planted at the South Pole. Diverse and interesting!

Essay Winners

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The Herald-Mail ONLINE
Maugansville, Maryland

MAUGANSVILLE – The Maugansville Ruritan Club has sponsored an essay contest for fifth-grade students at Maugansville Elementary School every year for the past 16 years.

This year’s essay contest topic was “What the American Flag Means to Me.” Student winners, along with their parents, teachers and the school principal, were honored Feb. 21 at the club’s monthly dinner meeting.

Students were asked to present their winning essays, and each received a U.S. savings bond.

Bill would make it free to fly Old Glory | | Naples Daily News
Naples, Florida

Rep. Nick Thompson thought his idea to prohibit governments from requiring a fee or permit to fly an American flag was common sense.

Donald Trump, the billionaire business baron, thought it was genius.

The idea for the legislation came to Thompson, R-Fort Myers, while he was watching CNN one night. He saw a piece about the Town of Palm Beach fining Trump thousands of dollars for flying an oversized flag on an 80-foot flag pole outside his home without a permit.

“I thought, ‘You know, if you live in Florida and want to put up an American flag on your property, you shouldn’t have to get a permit and you shouldn’t have to pay a fee,’ “ Thompson said.

Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California
Loma Linda, California

Color GuardThat was the genesis of what was to become the Loma Linda Chamber of Commerce Color Guard, believed to be the only chamber color guard in California.

One adult and children as young as 4, dressed in white shirts, black slacks and burgundy berets and bandanas, post flags and give their signature chest-tapping, arm-swinging salute at everything from monthly business luncheons to the dedication of Loma Linda’s fire station.

“This is a very special group to us,” Loma Linda Chamber CEO Peg Karsick says. “It’s like it is our color guard.”

Wichita Eagle | 03/19/2007 | Kansas native one of few to visit South Pole
Wichita, Kansas

The Wichita EagleGrowing up in Lyons, Charles “Chip” Lagerbom was used to cold, windy Kansas winters.

It didn’t do much, though, for preparing him to live through two seasons sleeping on an Army cot in a tent in the middle of Antarctica.

Lagerbom, a field assistant on a research expedition, is one of the few people who have gone as far south as anyone can go — to the South Pole.

He explored the area from October 1990 to February 1991 and again from October 1992 to February 1993.

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