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How To Install an Outdoor Flag Kit

Here are a series of photographs showing how to assemble the flag pole kit. The kits come with two ways to install your flag to the pole, and in this article I will show the string installation method. I will make a separate entry for using the clips to fly your flag.

Because of the length of this article, most of the pictures will appear on the next page. You can click on any of the photos to see a larger picture for more detail.

The American Flag Kit

Packaging for the American Flag, and state flag kits.

Contents Unpackaged

All of the contents removed from the packaging, with both clips and string.


Two of the poles have reduced ends and one is the same on both end. The one is the uppermost pole

Poles assembled

The poles slide together for a tight fit. All three together makes a 72″ flag pole.

Eagle Installed

The Eagle inserts snuggly into the top pole.

Flag Pole String

Now the string comes into play. Upwrap the string in preparation for installation.

String to Flag

Take one end of the string and tie it to the flag. Any type knot that will withstand the constant pull of the flag will do.

String through Eagle

Now pull the string through the hole in the base of the Eagle and and pull the string completely through.

Tie to Bottom of Flag

With take the loose end of the string and tie it to the bottom of the flag.

Loop the pole

Pull the string tight from the top and loop it around the pole, above the bottom grommet and pull excess string through.

Tie to bracket

Slide the into the mounted bracket and pull the string around the protruding ear.

Tie loop

Tie the loop with a knot that can be untied easily. Remember, with this mounting method, the string will need to be untied each evening when the flag is taken in.

It is easy to install the flag using this method, but two things to remember. It is not for high wind areas, and the knot has to be untied each evening when the flag is taken in.

There you have the instructions for installing the flag kit with the included twine.

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