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How Important is the Stitching?

Fly end stitchingSomething that catches my attention when I am driving around is torn flags, with the end ripped out and several pieces going in different direction on the wind. In some regions of the United States, such as our Coastal region, the wind is the worst enemy of your flag. If the flag is not properly constructed and maintained, the wind will damage it beyond use.

One of the methods used to give longer life to a flag is adding multiple stitchings around the edges, in particular at the fly end. It’s the part that gets whipped around the most and suffers the most damage. A typical flag will have a double row of stitches, but to increase the flag’s life, more are needed. Quadruple stitching is where it should begin and even more as the size of the flag increases.

If you are looking for a quality, outdoor flag, check to see what kind of stitching comes standard. It will make a difference in how long your flag lasts.

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