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Lafayette, Indiana’s Newly Proposed City Flag

There is a lot to like about this newly proposed city flag for Lafayette, Indiana. It is bright and colorful, and contains a lot of thought. Each part of the flag represents the area, and if adopted, will make a beautiful flag to fly over city buildings.

This is a great achievement from the Mayor’s Youth Council. Congratulations to everyone involved in this project.

Journal and Courier Online – News

Lafayette’s Proposed FlagLafayette city officials are proposing a new city flag.

Designed by the Mayor’s Youth Council, consisting of several Lafayette teens, the flag is intended to represent the city’s history and future.

It consists of two red triangles in opposite corners representing balance, diversity and change. The triangles are connected by a thick, blue, wavy line representing the Wabash River.

A large gold star in upper left corner represents the city. The entire design rests on a white background.

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