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*Proposed Bill Aims to “Trump” Flag Rules

More news from The Donald Skirmish with Palm Beach, and the over-sized flag and pole on Trump’s Mar-A-Largo estate. A freshman State Representative for Florida wants to remove restrictions for installing and flying the American Flag, removing the power of townships to regulate and charge for permits.

Proposed bill aims to counter flag rules

When CNN host Nancy Grace devoted a recent show to Donald Trump’s battle with the Town of Palm Beach over his super-sized flag at Mar-a-Lago, state Rep. Nicholas Thompson was among the viewers.

The Fort Myers prosecutor and freshman Republican lawmaker didn’t like what he saw.

“Donald Trump was getting fined thousands of dollars for putting up an American flag,” Thompson said Friday. “That doesn’t seem right, that you would need permission to put up an American flag and that you should have to pay the government to do it.”

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago flag has caused a flap with the town in part because he didn’t obtain a permit for the flagpole and pay the town a fee of at least $50.

The Town Attorney sees the hand in a different light and now we’ll have to see who is holding the better hole cards.

Town Attorney John Randolph said Thompson’s reaction to the Nancy Grace program was understandable in light of Grace’s failure to present all the facts.

“Folks that watched that show weren’t made aware of the situation in the Town of Palm Beach,” Randolph said. “The case in the Town of Palm Beach is not about the American flag. The case is about the town’s ability to enforce its building codes.”

*Sorry, it was too juicy to pass up.

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