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Forty Facts about Canada’s Flag

Today, February 15th, is National Flag Day in Canada, and this article with forty facts about the Canadian flag has a lot of interesting information. I’ve included two facts from the article, but you’ll find the other thirty-eight by clicking the link. Have fun!

40 facts about our flag

National Flag of CanadaIt flies at the top of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill and is sewn on the backpacks of globetrotting Canadians. It’s wrapped around triumphant athletes and waved by children at Canada Day parades, coast to coast. It’s on mugs, pins and car bumpers. In Canada and around the world, the National Flag is our collective name tag. This is Canada, it says, in beaming white and red. And this year, our flag turned 43. So, in honour, we have compiled 40 facts about what it is, where it came from and the hype that has sometimes followed it.

1. Feb. 15 1965: Canada’s new red and white Maple Leaf flag was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill. Maurice Bourget, Speaker of the Senate, addressed the audience. “The flag is the symbol of the nation’s unity, for it, beyond any doubt, represents all the citizens of Canada without distinction, language, belief or opinion.”

2. The official name is the National Flag of Canada.

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