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Flags in the News IV

ColorsShould that star spangled banner yet wave?
If you’re going to fly flags on government property, it’s always best to get permission first.

Flags replaced on Westport Island bridge
I still don’t understand vandalizing American flags.

NFL Flag League expected to increase interest in football
The NFL sponsored leagues are growing each year. This looks like a great program for youngsters.

Dealership Owner Fights City To Raise 600-Square-Foot Flag

Another flap over a city’s flag pole height law. It’s not the size of the flag, it’s the height of the pole.

Flag flown in Iraq now on display at school
A great teaching present from a grateful mother. Good story …

Akron Woman Wants New Design for American Flag
The photos show the two-letter state abbreviations on the stars in the order they entered the union.

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