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Rare Confederate battle flags liven auction

Two unique flags surfaced at auction a few months ago in Gardiner, Maine, and caused quite a stir. Two flags captured during the Civil War appeared in “untouched” condition.

The flags sold for a great deal of money, but the back story on who, how, and when they were acquired and ended up in Gardiner is the best part for me.

A Sixty-Nine-Grand Old Flag: Maine Antique Digest, January 2007

A paper tag stitched onto the first flag, a 35″ x 37″ Florida Confederate Beauregard pattern artillery battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, recorded that its captor was a Union soldier, Corporal Charles C. Atwood. Atwood was from Lowell, Massachusetts, and he enlisted in Company H of the 6th Infantry on April 16, 1861, and on October 23 of the same year joined Company L of the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry.

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