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Things that are Red, or Why I am Blue

I still remember my first pair of red shoes. My Aunt Rebekah Hallmark bought them for me out of a 25-cent bin on the sidewalk in front of a department store in Stamford, Texas. They were canvas slip-ons, with gold-embroidered anchors on white ribbon across the vamp. I was five years old and thought they were the most beautiful shoes I’d ever seen. To this day I gravitate toward red shoes because they make me happy.

Stick with me now, while I explain what red shoes and the flag have in common: They make me happy.

It makes me happy to see the flags flying. We fly the Stars and Stripes and the Lone Star off our deck every day, unless the weather is bad. Sadly, where I live it has rained every day since Jan.13, and I’m starting to get very blue.

All I can do is order some shoes—red shoes. I have the catalog in my hand …

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