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Lost Kentucky Flag Returns

This is a great story. A piece of history carefully recreated by several people with an eye for detail. With only a very small surviving drawing (3″ long) a local artist, David Stahl, and Laura Davis, a senior at Monroe High School built a six by seven foot replica of the original Commonwealth of Kentucky flag. – Informing Monroe County, Michigan, for more than 180 years

just as the original version did during the War of 1812. The flag for the Commonwealth of Kentucky had been captured by the British at the Battle of the River Raisin and taken home as a trophy of the War of 1812. Unfortunately, the tattered flag rotted away, leaving no trace for historians to follow. Fortunately, a couple of drawings were made of the flag that clearly showed a brown eagle with white head and yellow beak on a white and buff background. On its breast is a shield bearing an odd version of the U.S. coat of arms. The eagle’s left talon holds three arrows while the right talon carries a thin stick topped by a red toque or liberty cap. Above it are nine brown stars and a banner sporting the Kentucky state motto “United We Stand.”

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