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Leesville, Louisiana VFW holds contest

Every year around the United States, VFWs hold contests with a patriotic theme. The referenced article is about the contest in Leesville, Louisiana last week.

There were a lot of categories and many winners. The kids had fun, the adults were impressed, and there will be some sweet memories to last a life-time.

Leesville Daily Leader – News

Chaplain John Stannard, at age 85, spent approximately one hour handing out American flags to many of the more than 100 Vernon Parish students who participated in the VFW’s various patriotic contests.

Stannard, who seemed quite moved by the proceedings, then took a few moments to thank all the children for the participation and dedication to America.

“I’ve had the privilege to live out all of my 85 years in the greatest country in world,” Stannard said with no shortage of emotion. “And I have war scars, as every veteran does. It just makes me so proud to see you standing up for America.

“Never let us down. Don’t ever let us down.”

The young audience gave Stannard an extended standing ovation, an appropriate response from an obviously patriotic crowd.

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