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Raising the American Flag

I love watching the Boy Scouts raise the American flag. It fills me with pride in the Scouting program, and the United States. It’s good to see that Scouts are still learning and teaching proper respect for the flag.

Now doesn’t that make you feel better?

2 thoughts on “Raising the American Flag

  1. I felt okay once they got it up. Cub Scouts are learning; by they time they are Star rank Boy Scouts, I hope the ceremony is a lot more crisp.

    In particular, the flag should always go up quickly.

    And when doing a flag raising with fewer people, remember that the fold of the flag is an old navy fold that allows you to attach the flag to the halyard and raise it, and the flag will unfurl on its own.

    But, yeah, that makes me feel better.

    I note the video comes from New Jersey — what was the occasion? Anyone know?

  2. Ed, I really appreciate your comments. Deborah and I discussed the slowness and at the time decided the event of Scouts and American flags made the point. In the future, I’m sure they will learn to pick up the pace.

    I did notice the location, but don’t have any idea what was taking place. I found it surfing on YouTube and wanted to share it with our readers. Maybe I need to do a little investigative reporting and see what I can track down.

    A follow-up might be interesting.

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