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Sixth Graders — Our Flag – What it Means to Me

I really like writing contests for sixth graders. They are not jaded and just say what they mean. This recent contest in Iowa is a great example of that.

Keokuk’s Gate City Daily Online

Keokuk Elks announce the local winners of the Iowa Elks Association’s annual sixth grade essay contest.

The contest was open to all area sixth graders.

The theme for the contest is “Our Flag – What it Means to Me.”

Brittani Miller of Clark County R-1 Middle School, Kahoka, Mo., is the first-place girl winner and Lucas Brown of Canton R-V School, Canton, Mo., won the boys’ division.

Kendall Camp of Canton R-V and Tommy Hoener of Warsaw Middle School, Warsaw, Ill., both finished second in their divisions.

Here are a few quotes from the winners. The first from Brittani Miller:

The flag shows us that our nation was founded under the principles of God, and the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as well as all men are created equal. And that is what the flag means to me.

and this from Lucas Brown:

People show pride for our country by displaying the flag at their homes, businesses and in classrooms. In parades, different organizations proudly carry the flag. Pride is so cool because it shows emotion. That is how we show pride for our country.

When the “Pledge of Allegiance” is recited some people start to cry because they have somebody fighting for our country. I stop and focus on the flag while some people are not looking at the flag. I feel so great because there are people fighting and sacrificing their lives for us. That is how I feel about the flag.

I think that just about says it all. Thank you Brittani and Lucas.

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