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Happy birthday, Sir John, eh

[photopress:Sir_John_A_Macdonald.JPG,thumb,right]If you blinked, you missed the one-day celebration in Canada of Sir John A Macdonald Day, held each year on January 11th.

Arthur Milnes is a staunch supporter of the annual day of recognition, even though the day doesn’t include time off from work. In fact, Milnes and family started a tradition they follow each year, inviting other Canadians to join them.

I’m with you Arthur. Keep up the good work. – opinion – Happy birthday, Sir John, eh

If 2007 isn’t the year Canadians begin to take seriously Sir John A. Macdonald Day – named, of course, in honour of our first and founding prime minister – I don’t know what I’ll do. With visions of the pomp and splendour of former president Gerald Ford’s funeral south of the border fresh in my mind’s eye, I have to say our American neighbours could teach us a thing or two about celebrating our history and past leaders with style.

All the wonderful Americana I witnessed over the holidays, thanks to Ford, has made me jealous. This piece, after all, is about Canada and our Father of Confederation – Macdonald of Kingston – specifically. I am especially jealous today, Jan. 11, the day we are supposed to celebrate our Father of Confederation – Macdonald of Kingston – on this, his official birthday.

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