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Teams line up for International Cup of Flag Football

[photopress:Flag_Football_Players.jpg,thumb,right]I recently posted an article about the National Flag Football Champions and now I find there is an International competition, also. This one is going to be held in the Cayman Islands, with participating champions from around the world.

Now I know this is serious business and I will watch the papers for the results. The international contest will be February 10th and 11th. If you go to the islands at that time, make sure and add this sporting event to your schedule.

Teams line up for International Cup of Flag Football

The first sports weekend of the New Year saw the opening tryout in the build up to the International Cup of Flag Football or ‘I-Cup’.

According to event organiser Brendon Malice, the goal of the I-Cup is to spread Flag Football across the Island. “With all the nationalities that play in our flag football league, I thought this would be a great opportunity to play alongside your fellow countrymen in a friendly competition,” he explained. Adding that this is the first-ever International Cup and so far the turn out has been great.

Teams representing the Cayman Islands, Canada, the USA and the rest of the World will contest the cup. Each team will consist of two coaches or captains and up to 20 players.

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