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World’s biggest Ohio State University Flag Flies

Have you ever wondered how automobile dealerships get those big flags flying? This article, from the Sandusky Register, shows a video of a local dealer launching a huge 30 X 60 Ohio State University flag that was custom built.

It’s worth visiting just to watch the short video.

Sandusky Register Front World’s biggest Block O flag flies at local car dealership

The mammoth flag has some startling dimensions that would make any oversized football lineman blush. It is 30 by 60 feet, contains 120 yards of scarlet, 52 yards of gray, 31 feet of canvass and 32 feet of halyard.

Bryan Kasper, vice-president of the auto group, is excited about being able to fly the flag as OSU seeks its second title in four years. The flag will be illuminated by six 1,000 watt spotlights mounted 25 feet in the air.

“We thought it would be nice to show the pride of being from Ohio. Watching the Buckeyes seems to give everyone the adrenaline rush we need,” he said. “The largest Ohio State flag in the world will bring a huge smile to lots of faces.”

2 thoughts on “World’s biggest Ohio State University Flag Flies

  1. In another article, you mentioned seeing the Texas Flag sometimes being flown upside down (If I have time, I try to stop and point that out); I wonder if the OSU flag has a top and bottom, and if so, how do they know which is which?

  2. I’m not sure about that. I do know this, any flag can be accidentally hung upside-down, and when they are, some are more obvious than others. I’ve never thought about all those college, city, and county flags that are flying all over the country. Some of those could have a symmetrical design making right-side-up difficult to determine.

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